Step 1: copy account address

Step 1: copy account address-logo
Access the blockchain explorer and make sure you are logged into your wallet account. In the wallet, tap on the ‘Copy’ icon beside your wallet address to copy your account address.

Step 2: paste account address

Step 2: paste account address-logo
In this faucet page, paste your account address in the field above and press the ‘Send’ button on the right most of the field.

Step 3: wait for the transfer

Step 3: wait for the transfer-logo
Depending on the state of the network when your request is submitted, the time it takes for you to receive your test token will differ.
Send coins back when you don’t need them anymore
If you need more testnet tokens to deploy your project, please post a request in the discord channel #request-txpll
In order to use ParallelChain Testnet, you need Testnet tokens (TXPLL) to pay for gas. This Faucet allows external accounts to claim a fixed amount of TXPLL every 24 hours, just enough to make a few contract deployments, a little bit more contract (EtoC) transactions, and more than a few token transfers (EtoE).